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One Year Old

With a road trip to Seattle, we marked the occasion. A year ago we bought our roaster. Pop the cork and pour the champagne! Battle Grounds turns one, tomorrow. This past year, we roasted over eleven hundred pounds of coffee. Found some loyal customers who inspire us with their own


We'll be celebrating an anniversary next week. Nearly one year ago, Steven and I were in Seattle touring third wave coffee shops and, obviously, had to visit Starbucks Reserve. Oh, my. The thing that Steven is constantly reminding me about (because I forget everything) is that coffee


This past Sunday, Costa Ricans went to the polls. Election time in Costa Rica is different than here. For starters, election days are held on Sundays. Originally called, 'fiesta electoral', everybody celebrates. And pretty much everybody votes. Even children vote (though their votes are not counted

battle grounds coffee costa rica

Latitude and Longitude

You need both coordinates. If you want to get somewhere. Steven and Mauricio were born and raised in Costa Rica. They're both coffee people. As were their fathers. And their grandfathers. Shortly after I met Steven, he asked me if I liked coffee. I boldly told him


Why We Roast #3

Pepper Harlton fixes bikes. And so much more. Coffee is the vehicle. People are the journey. Community is the destination. Along with her business partner mom, this three-time, Women's National Cyclocross, silver medal winning, certified bike mechanic - who also happens to hold a Bachelor's Degree in Phys-Ed


Why We Roast #2

This story starts, not with coffee, but with kombucha. The first time Steven and I went to lunch at Noorish | Conscious Eatery and Yoga Studio, Dustin was our server. Steven and I can not remember being better served in a restaurant. All their servers are

Why We Roast #1

Cory Woytkiw rocks. He and his wife Mandy, the kind of person who can light up a room with her superpower smile, own and run Frickin' Delights Donuts in Devon. It's a rad little vegan donut shop that pushes the boundary of what healthy donuts can taste

Stop sprinting

You're running a marathon, not a sprint. Note to self: Stop thinking and acting like you're doing the hundred meter dash. The finish line is nowhere in sight. I'm talking about your life, your career, your business, your pursuits. Slow down. Catch your breath. Find your pace.

Not the greatest

Maybe you run, but you're not the greatest runner. Maybe you sing, but you're not the greatest singer. Maybe your thing is baking, but you know better bakers. Maybe there's someone you consider, right now, to be the greatest ever at what they do. But