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We’ll be celebrating an anniversary next week.

Nearly one year ago, Steven and I were in Seattle touring third wave coffee shops and, obviously, had to visit Starbucks Reserve. Oh, my.

The thing that Steven is constantly reminding me about (because I forget everything) is that coffee is only a part of the universe we live in. And if we become more aware of the universe, we automatically become better coffee people.

#1. universe
#2. coffee

This is what this week’s photo is about.
Taste everything you can.
Smell with purpose. Breathe deeply and try to remember. Make aroma maps in your mind.
Be random in your choices.
Don’t order the same thing each time you visit a restaurant. Or cafe. Or Public Market.

Almost a year ago, Steven started Battle Grounds with Mauricio and me. We started it with nearly no money and so far have put every single penny back into it. The fact that we’re still going, a year later, with a community of people supporting us, and with coffee we are insanely proud to share with others, is so darned delightful, that – well, if you will pardon us for a week or so – we just have to celebrate.

If we don’t celebrate the milestones along the way, the trip will mean little at the end.

I asked Steven if we could give away a year’s worth of coffee as a celebratory prize. He loved the idea. We’re going to have a contest. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, our little coffee project.

Battle Grounds Coffee Co & Roastery