Here… is where we start
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Here… is where we start

Okay… in a way… we’re starting this story half way in.

Here. Now. Take a snapshot: Steven Battle is driving a black, Chevy Suburban, affectionately known as ‘la bestia negra’ through the mountains on a snowy night with a six-pound fluid bed coffee roaster in the back, its glossy, red paint covered in old coffee sacks. I’m riding shotgun telling nonsensical stories while at the same time helping to keep an eye on the road. Our soundtrack is a playlist of Latino hits he knows by heart.

The trip to Seattle was taken, in part, to pick up the Artisan 6M roaster we bought from Coffee Crafters in Washington State’s Liberty Lake, and in part, to introduce me to the ground zero world of third wave coffee. What an introduction. Over the course of a long weekend, we had seen, smelled, talked and tasted coffee with an incredible cast of practitioners. Bliss. And here, now, we are driving back to Canada with our very own, very overdue, coffee roaster, ready to finally put down the last piece of a puzzle that has taken over forty years to complete.

In the great spirit of story-telling, we will use this blog to move the narrative timeline forward and back as it suits our purpose. We will document a journey, which will, hopefully, not end soon. We will share from where we’ve come, all that we’ve learned, what we know to be true, and whatever we happen to find, with the sole motivation of demystifying the second most traded commodity in the world. We will quietly wage a war against the ego, elitism, untruth and inequality of the business and attempt, with each step along the way, to restore dignity, inclusiveness, community and truth to this thing we hold so dearly in our cups.

Battle Grounds Coffee Co & Roastery