Not the greatest
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Not the greatest

Maybe you run, but you’re not the greatest runner. Maybe you sing, but you’re not the greatest singer. Maybe your thing is baking, but you know better bakers. Maybe there’s someone you consider, right now, to be the greatest ever at what they do. But it’s not you. It may never be you.

Right on!

We don’t ever have to be the greatest at what we do. We just have to do. Every possible thing you or your spirit could ever need can be found in the ‘doing’. That’s it. Do, and you qualify. Do, and you’re part of the community. Do, and you’ll have a lifetime of fulfillment.

As we bid farewell to the era of specialization and welcome the era of DIY, the only thing that matters now is that you be true to what you do. Do with honesty. Do with conviction. Do with love.

By all means, be inspired by the greatest among us, but let your¬†recognition of what’s great help you celebrate your place among those who are doing, too.

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