Why We Roast #2
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Why We Roast #2

This story starts, not with coffee, but with kombucha.

The first time Steven and I went to lunch at Noorish | Conscious Eatery and Yoga Studio, Dustin was our server. Steven and I can not remember being better served in a restaurant. All their servers are rock stars. (or poets, or authors)

If you’ve never been to Noorish, I implore you. There’s no place like it in Edmonton. A soothing elixir of beautiful surroundings, intoxicating aromas, intuitive servers and a kitchen full of alchemists. The menu is magnificent and there are almost always surprises. They never rush you out of your seat. They often start lovely conversations that leave you thinking for days. And, if you allow it to, time itself will stop while you’re there. Let me know if I’ve oversold the place, but I don’t think I did.

So, how kombucha? Battle Grounds has a connection with Effervescent Tea Kombucha and as a result of that connection we found our first restaurant customer. The challenge? Create a special blend of coffee that would extract an espresso that could be used to make fine vegan coffee beverages (no easy task) and another, for drip. That will soon be a year ago.

Coffee is the vehicle. People are the journey. Community is the destination.

To this day, a visit to Noorish brings a mix of pride and belonging. We make something that contributes to the experience in a way that makes us part of their community. And their community is so damn interesting.


Follow Noorish here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and find them here: Google Maps

Also, if you have not yet tried ETK’s Ginger Lemonade Kombucha, you should.