Why We Roast #3
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Why We Roast #3

Pepper Harlton fixes bikes.

And so much more.

Coffee is the vehicle. People are the journey. Community is the destination.

Along with her business partner mom, this three-time, Women’s National Cyclocross, silver medal winning, certified bike mechanic – who also happens to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Phys-Ed with a minor in Coaching – is plotting to bring even more cycling prestige to the town of Devon, Alberta. With plans that extend into 2020, they’ve definitely supplied ‘Bike-town’ with the spoke-blurring swagger that makes it legit.

This is community building on a macro level.

This past October, when Pepper asked us if we could come up with a “Champion Blend” for the Puncheur event they organized in Voyageur park, Steven was on it. It was our pleasure.

It was our pleasure because, in addition to being great supporters themselves, they were the first to offer to carry and sell our bags of roasted coffee.  Steven was well aware of the special bond cyclists had with coffee, but I was about to learn another lesson in ‘parings’. #bikesandcoffee (also, #bikesandbeer, but that’s for another post).

So, Pepper, whether it’s all the young people you help and steer toward lives of health and sport, or the athletes you inspire with your dedication, or the little coffee roasters you encourage with a valuable slice of your front counter, let us thank you for the ‘Her’culean effort, and for letting us follow you along this crazy, off-road trail of achievement.

Follow Shift Happens Bicycle Repair and Pepper Harlton here: Facebook, Instagram, and visit their shop here: Google Maps